To some degree, one can expect to have a level of taste or smell from any new device made of new components, however that will dissipate after the initial uses. The silicone we use is medical grade and specifically selected for use in this device, and is not harmful in any way. 

If you've had your MV1 for some time and are just noticing an unusual taste or smell, it could be for the following reasons: 

Scenario 1.) The heat sink components are gummed up with reclaim
Scenario 2.) Material has fallen down into the coils chamber

Solution for Scenario 1
Disassemble the heat sink, inspect the parts, clean if necessary, then re-assemble >>> +MV1: DIsassemble/Reassemble Heat Sink

Solution for Scenario 2
Perform 3-4 burn cycles without material. 

1.) Remove crucible, close the chamber door
2.) Remove heat sink
3.) Put MV1 in sleep mode
4.) Put MV1 in vape mode
5.) Press and hold vape button down for a full heat cycle (repeat 3-4 times)

By performing the heat cycles, you should have burned off the fallen material.