Plug your battery in for a charge whenever you're not using your MV1. The benefit of following this practice is the MV1 will perform best with a fully-charged battery. That means you'll be getting the most out of your herb. 

* Note: When the MV1 is powered on, the Bluetooth module in the software will drain the battery. Since there is no "power off" button on the MV1 or the app, your MV1 and bluetooth are still running.     

* Fully charge your battery before the initial use of your MV1. 

Note: Interrupting the initial charge will not damage the battery. 

* It is okay to leave the battery docked on the Fast Charger or attached to the micro-USB; it will not degrade the battery. If you're out and about and cannot charge your battery, you can detach the battery from the chassis of the MV1 to completely power the MV1 off. 

* Don’t let batteries reach critical battery level. If they do, best practice is to slow charge with the micro-USB

* If you’re going to store them for a long time (6 months or longer), leave them at ~40 to 70% before storage.

* Please handle the battery with care by making sure the cord is inserted into the battery gently and that the battery is stable during the charging period and not wobbling about (for instance, in your car).  

* As a general guideline, please make sure you're using the micro-USB cord supplied with your purchase to charge the battery. If you purchased the Fast Charger, please use with the supplied power source. If you lose any components, please refer to our battery and fast charger specs to ensure you're using an appropriate alternative >>> +MV1: Battery & Fast Charger Specs