Regular maintenance and cleaning is integral to the longevity of your device, as well as consistent performance. Neglecting this aspect of your new device will definitely affect performance.

MV1 Chassis

The plated parts, including the faceplate, and the finish on the back, should only be wiped over gently with a soft cloth. Never use isopropyl alcohol or any other chemicals or abrasive substances to clean these surfaces. 

MV1 Components
Submerge the heat sink, crucible, crucible lid, concentrate pad (if using), stem, and white sleeve in 91% isopropyl alcohol, for 10-15 minutes max. 

DO NOT submerge the silver heat sink lid and black rubber gasket. Wipe these components down with a soft cloth. You may need to repeat the process with the crucible lid or concentrate pad, or swish in the alcohol if there is a lot of build up. Place the pieces on a paper towel and allow to dry.

Stealth Heat Sink

For the Stealth MV1, we recommend using an alcohol wipe or a q-tip. OK to soak but best not to.

Stealth Heat Sink Peeling

One thing we've noticed that causes this is soaking too long in isopropyl alcohol. 10-15 minutes is a sufficient amount of time. Another thing is when placed inside a cleaning receptacle along with other components, if swished around, objects are hitting the heat sink causing it to chip.

Please watch this video for a comprehensive overview on cleaning your MV1 and components