All finishes for sale on our website include the most current materials and latest updates. The same can be said for devices sold by our authorized retailers. If you're still curious and want to confirm your MV1 is current, the most obvious indicator is the heat sink. 

The new heat sink design was made with customer feedback in mind. Some reported a scratching noise that was made when pulling up and down on the mouthpiece. That noise was created by the glass material making contact with the ceramic inner sleeve. Please note, no glass was eroding from the mouthpiece. 

The new mouthpiece is made of Makrolon, which is a far more durable material than glass. We found that the glass material did not allow for consistent performance.

You'll notice the Makrolon stem fits loosely. This is normal. What we found was happening with the previous design was when customers were pulling up on the mouthpiece to re-position it, the resistance was causing the lid of the heat sink body to become detached, unknowingly causing a bypass. This was causing performance issues that were understandably undetected by the naked eye.

Overall, the benefits of the redesign is a perfect seal, a more durable mouthpiece, and consistent performance. 

The new Makrolon stem is sandblasted on the opposite end of the tip and the black rubber gasket has a ridged stump. 

You may also reach out to Customer Care and ask them to confirm your manufacturing date by your serial number. You can find the serial number on the box, or behind the unit when you remove the battery. 

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