UPDATE: Our app is currently unavailable in the Apple App Store due to a change in Apple's policy. We are working to get the app relisted as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

1) Pair to the GHOST app >>> video
2) Once paired, find Favorite 1 and Favorite 2 on the Dashboard
  • These two options are customizable (all others are static)
  • You can also click on "Vape Temp" and find F1 or F2 (see legend below)
4) To set your customized temp for the two aforementioned options, click "EDIT"
  • You can also click on F1 or F2 (see legend below) and use the touchscreen dial to select yoru desired temp  

5) Using the touchscreen dial, select your desired temp

6) To save the temps you must vape on that temp

* If your MV1 is removed from your GHOST Vapes app, the customized temps are also removed