Experience troubleshooting the MV1 has proven that vapor production issues are typically a symptom of a low battery or an obvious defect (e.g., door won't close). The quickest means to a solution is to ensure you're using best practice >>> MV1: Vaping Concentrates (best practice)

By familiarizing yourself with the information in the article above, you are ensuring that you first know how to use the machine before you start troubleshooting. The information below is for customers who know how to use the MV1 and are still not seeing vapor. 

Main Causes for Low Vapor Production

1.) Lack of vapor is a symptom of low battery. Best practice is to charge your battery whenever you're not using your MV1. It will not degrade the battery. The biggest benefit of following this practice is the MV1 will perform best with a fully-charged battery. (+MV1: Battery (best practice))

2.) The position of your stem needs adjusting. The further you pull the stem out, the less resistance you'll have, the deeper it's pushed down equals higher resistance. Depending on how you're inhaling, you will need to adjust your mouthpiece accordingly. As a guideline, start by pulling the stem all the way out just until the groove 3/4 of the way down is hidden. You know it's positioned right when you hear a bubbling sound when you're taking a draw. 

3.) Blocked air pathways (Clean your MV1 components)

  • Check these areas especially; these air pathways can get gummed up even after 1-2 sessions 

4.) Not drawing long or hard enough/Not drawing when you're supposed to (+MV1: The Haptic Sequence)

5.) Air bypass or heat sink assembled incorrectly (+MV1: Reassemble Heat Sink)

6.) Heat sink inserted backwards (+MV1: Heat Sink Issues)

7.) Wrong heat setting selected (see legend here)

8.) You have the old design heat sink (see here)

9.) Improper inhale technique. The technique of hitting an on-demand vape is different from hitting a session vape, joint, bong or piece.   (see our recommendation) 

For more support on this issue, please submit a trouble ticket here >>> Create New Support Request