The following tips are things I've seen greatly resolve charring issues: 

* Adjust the position of your stem. The further you pull the stem out, the less resistance you'll have, the deeper it's pushed down equals higher resistance. Depending on how you're inhaling, you will need to adjust your mouthpiece accordingly. As a guideline, start by pulling the stem all the way out just until the groove 3/4 of the way down is hidden. You know it's positioned right when you hear a bubbling sound when you're taking a draw. 

* A typical session for herb is comprised of 6-8 draws using our recommended mode sequence (+MV1: Recommended Mode Sequence)

* With a grinder, use a coarse medium grind to pack your crucible (+MV1: How Do I Load the Crucible?)  

* Adjust rate and speed of your draw (+MV1: Draw Technique)

  • The technique of hitting an on-demand vape is different from hitting a session vape, joint, bong or piece
  • A 10 second steady inhale will produce the intended results 

* Check for air bypass (Heat Sink Test)

* Do not remove battery from device mid-session

* Manually Calibrate to have machine run cooler than default (+MV1: Manual Calibration)