Please be advised the app is not required to use your MV1. Please see the following article here >>> +MV1: Using the MV1 Without the App

Please make sure you're following steps to pair here >>> +MV1: Pair to Smartphone <<< before you move on to troubleshooting. 


1. Clear the cache on your phone and/or your phone

2. For Android users, make sure "Location Services" is enabled (+MV1: Why Do I Need Location Services Enabled?)

3. Try pairing again


1. Open GHOST App
2. Click on mini MV1 icon in top left of the screen

3. Remove any MV1 devices present on this page (if none, disregard)

4. Force close the GHOST app

5. Reset your MV1 device by detaching the battery from MV1 chassis and re-attaching 

6. Try pairing again 

* You can also try pairing to another phone

If you're still unable pair, it's possible the MV1 has a failed Bluetooth module. To identify this, please carry out the following steps: 



* Go to the Play Store and search for and download the GHOST Bluetooth Test  

* Please run the test and provide a screenshot of the test results


*  Search for BLE Scanner, in the app store

*  Download BLE Scanner 4.0 (by Bluepixel Technologies)

*  Go to BLE Scanner

*  Power on the MV1

*  Select nearby on the top tabs

*  Look for MV1 BOOT

*  Click connect

*  Look for 'Advertiment' DATA 

*  Please take a screen shot of the service UUIDs