If you've followed our steps detailed here and you're still unable pair, it's possible the MV1 has a failed Bluetooth module. To identify this, please carry out the following steps: 


* Go to the Play Store and search for and download an app called BLE Scanner (by Bluepixel Technologies) 

* Open the app and look for 'MV1BOOT'

* Click the green CONNECT button

* Please provide a screenshot of the data


*  Search for BLE Scanner, in the app store

*  Download BLE Scanner 4.0 (by Bluepixel Technologies)

*  Go to BLE Scanner

*  Power on the MV1

*  Select nearby on the top tabs

*  Look for MV1 BOOT

*  Click connect

*  Look for 'Advertiment' DATA 

*  Please take a screen shot of the service UUIDs