You can confirm that your MV1 is overheating by observing the following error code via the LED panel: 3 red LED flashing 10x

The overheat is a safety mechanism built into the software to prevent permanent damage to the PCB due to excessive heat. If you're following our recommendations and your MV1 is overheating to the point that it's interrupting your process, please try the following:

* A typical session with flower is comprised of 6-8 full 15-second draws

* A typical session on Concentrate Mode is comprised of 8-10 full 15-second draws
* Use a grinder, don't break it up with your hands
* You'll know the stem/mouthpiece is positioned right when you hear a particular sound while taking a draw
* When on concentrate mode, do not hold the MV1 at an angle, hold it straight up/vertically with the mouthpiece pointing directly up at the ceiling/sky
* Best practice is to remove your battery from the MV1 and charge it whenever you're not using your MV1
* If doing back-to-back sessions, allow your MV1 to cool down for 3-4 minutes before starting the second session. Remove the heat sink, the crucible, and open the chamber door during this cool down period.

* Start your session with a full 15-second draw on Heat setting Herb - Low (1 amber LED)
* Next, take two full 15-second draws on Herb - High (3 amber LED)
* Finally, finish your crucible on Herb - Fav 1 or 2 (1 or 2 red LED)

* The MV1 was designed to deliver both the full flavor of your material and a potent hit, it's best to take advantage of this.

* Make sure there's no material build-up/reclaim in the following areas or air will not pass freely and the MV1 won't work correctly: 

Testing your heat sink is a part of regular maintenance. See steps below:
* Remove the heat sink
* Place heat sink in the palm of your hand, blocking the holes on the bottom.
* Please make sure the holes are covered, or the test is inaccurate.
* Extend the stem, and try to draw air (sucking in).
* You should not be able to draw ANY air through the stem.