The overheat is a safety mechanism built into the software to prevent permanent damage to the PCB due to excessive heat. You can confirm that your MV1 is overheating by observing the following error code via the LED panel: 3 red LED flashing 10x

Main Causes for an Overheat: 

1.) Improper inhale technique (see our recommendation

2.) Improperly seated or slightly raised heatsink. Check to see if the heatsink is raised out of position, about 1/16"; this can happen when replacing the crucible or during use. (thank you customer, Mike for this one!)  

3.) Not drawing long enough/Not drawing when you're supposed to (When Do I Take My Draw?)

4.) Air bypass (reassemble your heat sink)

5.) Blocked air pathways (clean your MV1)

  • Check these areas especially; these air pathways can get gummed up even after 1-2 sessions 

6.) You have the old design heat sink (see here)

7.) It's possible your MV1 is running hotter than normal and can be manually calibrated (manual calibration how-to)

7.) Back to back sessions

  • To help prevent this allow your MV1 to cool down for 3-4 minutes before starting the second session. Remove the heat sink, the crucible, and open the chamber door during this cool down period)

Additional Note: 

We have seen units overheat way before expected. We've identified this as a "premature overheat." As noted, a typical session for flower is comprised of 6-8 draws, 8-10 for concentrates. If your MV1 is overheating on for example draw 3 on your 1st session of the day, please write into Customer Care here >>> Create New Support Request