Vapor production being such an integral element of the vaping experience, we know how important it is to find a solution for you. On your next session, please keep in mind the following:

* A typical session with flower is comprised of 6-8 full 15-second draws
* Before loading your flower, lay it out on a piece of printer paper for 10-15 mins
* Use a grinder, don't break it up with your hands
* You'll know the stem/mouthpiece is positioned right when you hear a particular sound while taking a draw 

* When on concentrate mode, do not hold the MV1 at an angle, hold it straight up/vertically with the mouthpiece pointing directly up at the ceiling/sky

* Best practice is to remove your battery from the MV1 and charge it whenever you're not using your MV1

* Start your session with a full 15-second draw on Heat setting Herb - Low (1 amber LED)
* Next, take two full 15-second draws on Herb - High (3 amber LED)
* Finally, finish your crucible on Herb - Fav 1 or 2 (1 or 2 red LED)

* The MV1 was designed to deliver both the full flavor of your material and a potent hit, it's best to take advantage of this.

* Make sure there's no material build-up/reclaim in the following areas or air will not pass freely and the MV1 won't work correctly:


Testing your heat sink is a part of regular maintenance. See steps below:
* Remove the heat sink
* Place heat sink in the palm of your hand, blocking the holes on the bottom.
* Please make sure the holes are covered, or the test is inaccurate.
* Extend the stem, and try to draw air (sucking in).
* You should not be able to draw ANY air through the stem.


* Heat Settings 1 was designed to enable a discreet vaping experience where there's little to no vapor. You will experience the full flavor of your material on this setting however.

* The higher the heat setting, the more heat that's created, resulting in more vapor. The higher in heat you go, the less flavor you will experience.

* Material does play a role in your experience. For instance, if you're vaporizing the natural herbs that we sell on our site you will likely get no vapor but full effect of the material.

* For concentrates, make sure you're filling the crucible with a pea-size amount. Material with a more solid consistency works best with the MV1.