1.) Make sure you're using one of the 5 Herb Settings (see legend above)

2.) For the best experience, take 10-second draws

3.) It's not a race: spread your inhale out so that you're able to comfortably draw at a consistent rate for the full 10 seconds
4)  Inhale with your diaphragm ( learn how here >>> What's the Best Way to Hit the MV1? )
5.) Use a grinder
6.) Before loading your flower, lay it out on a piece of printer paper for 10-15 mins
7.) Experiment with how you're packing your crucible
8.) A typical session with flower is comprised of 6-8 draws
9.) Adjust speed and strength of draw as needed
10.) Adjust mouthpiece position as needed (higher the position, less resistance; lower the position, more resistance)

* The higher the heat setting, the more heat that's created, resulting in more vapor. The higher in heat you go, the less flavor you will experience.

* Heat Setting 1 (1 Amber LED) was designed to enable a discreet vaping experience where there's little to no vapor. You will experience the full flavor of your material on this setting however.
* Material does play a role in your experience. For instance, if you're vaporizing the natural herbs that we sell on our site you will likely get no vapor